For my first part of the arts project, I decided to take a ballet class. It seemed a bit weird for an older guy to learn ballet of all dances, but I found a great adult class that markets itself to people of all kind.  

The class was taught by a woman named Monique, who had studied dance for 30 years. Even as a middle-aged woman, she moved with the grace of a trained ballerina. Although I feared that she would be tough and unforgiveable as I moved like a dump truck through the moves, she was kind and encouraging. She made me feel like all of my movements were exactly how they should be.  

Through the class, we learned a simple routine to a piece of classical music. It was probably at the skill level of four years old, but it was still very enjoyable. At times, I felt like I was floating through the air like a real dancer.  

I really enjoyed the dance class, and I hope to take another sometime soon!

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