When I was a kid, I used to tape episodes of Bob Ross with the idea that one day I would watch them and recreate the beautiful nature paintings he so kindly showed his viewers how to paint. I am sure you can guess this, but I never got to watching them.  

That was until a few months ago when I was helping my parents clean out some old boxes, and I found that old episodes of Bob Ross! For whatever reason, they had kept them all these years, so I decided to watch a couple of them and try to paint like Bob Ross. It took a while to find a VCR that would play the tapes, but I eventually did, and spent a long Saturday afternoon with Bob.  

My paintings looked nothing like his, and I ended up ditching them after a week, but I still enjoyed the process of putting paints to the canvas. Eventually, I would like to take a class and learn more about the craft of painting and how to create an original!

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